MyNewsletter enables you to send a daily/weekly/monthly/..., or just manually, newsletter with the latest entries of your blog or the entries of today/yesterday. Your newsletter is completely customizable since it uses a normal Nucleus Skin to produce the newsletter!

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This plugin tries to prevent spammers from spamming your weblog. It does this by inserting a hidden field in the post-comment-form with a value that should match when posting a comment. Spammers often post there spam directly to the page which accepts the comments, thus bypassing the comment-form. If they use this method their input will lack the value of the hidden-field, and will be blocked by YAASP.

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With this plugin you can add a textual or graphical counter to your weblog, which count’s the number of visitors, instead of the number of hits. It does this by starting a phpsession when the visitor views the first page, and it stores the value of the counter at that moment for the visitor so that he sees the same value for the counter on every page. It also detects the most common bots and spiders, like google, to prevent them from being counted.

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This plugin brings the Swatch Internet Time (.beat) to Nucleus. The plugin can be used as a TemplateVar to show the time at which an item or comment was posted in the Swatch Internet Time To do so simply add <%InternetTime%> somewhere in your template.

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Shows a list of items with the most comments

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This plugin displays the most viewed items. Rewritten for a major speed improvement :)

Please note that there might be newer versions of this plugin at the forum. I don't actively maintain this plugin.

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