MyNewsletter enables you to send a daily/weekly/monthly/..., or just manually, newsletter with the latest entries of your blog or the entries of today/yesterday. Your newsletter is completely customizable since it uses a normal Nucleus Skin to produce the newsletter!

Quick Guide

Following is a quickly explanation on how to start using this plugin. (you are adviced to read the complete doc for some nice tricks)

  1. Install the plugin
  2. Set the options
  3. Create a skin for the newsletter
  4. Let your visitors register
  5. Personalize the templates
  6. Send a testmail
  7. Setup a cronjob


To install the plugin upload the contents of the zipfile to your Nucleus Plugin directory, then go to the admin area, click ‘plugins’ in the quickmenu. Now you select MyNewsletter from the plugin candidates and click Install.


Official releases of this plugin are released at the Nucleus Plugs project at

Package icon NP_MyNewsletter-v1.2.zip38.14 KB2010-12-18 12:09