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The plugin uses the Nucleus build-in logging system to log when a newsletter was send (or when somebody tried to send a newsletter but failed), and when visitors subscribe/unsubscribe. You can see this log by choosing ‘Action log’ form the quickmenu in the admin area.

I want to send the items of today (or yesterday)

Instead of sending the lates x-items of your blog you can choose to send all items of ‘today’ (or yesterday or this month or...) To do this simply use the ‘archive’-part of the newsletter skin instead of the ‘main index’-part and add an extra parameter, ‘archive’, to the url when sending the newsletter, to specify the day (or month) of which you want to send the items. To make it even easier I created two files called ‘today.php’ and ‘yesterday.php’, which can be found in the ‘mynewsletter/extra’-folder. Simply copy these files to the root of your Nucleus installation. Now you can browse to and you will see only the items of today, to send the newsletter simply add the skinid and checkword parameters to the url. (same for yesterday.php ofcourse)

upport and Bug reports

For additional support and/or bug reports please use this forum thread: Important: before asking questions at the forum make sure the information is not in this document. If it is really not here or really need more help feel free to ask questions at the forum or contact me by mail or instant messaging.


To upgrade version 1.0 to version 1.1, write down the pluginsettings, uninstall the plugin, upload the new version and install. After that you can restore your settings. Your subscriptions should still be there, unless you uncommented the delete query in the uninstall-method.