Creating the skin

Creating the Newsletter Skin

To produce the newsletter the plugin uses a normal Nucleus Skin, meaning that the look-and-feel is completely customizable! So create a new skin inside Nucleus (and call it by example ““MyNewsletter““). The only part of the skin you need is the ‘Main Index’-part, if you want to send the latest X items, or the archive part if you want to send the items of today (or yesterday, or maybe even this month) Just edit the skin untill it looks like you want your newsletter to look like. You can also use some dynamic-variables in the skin to personalize the newsletter. Here are some usefull tips:

  • In the <head>-part of your skin add <base href=”” />, where is the url of your weblog. If you do not add this e-mail clients can not handle relative url’s correctly (they will think that it points to some place on the receivers’ computer) (you can use by example: <base href=”<%blogsetting(url)%>” />;
  • If you want to use CSS in your layout put it inside the <head> of your skin. This prevents e-mail clients from having to load it from the internet
  • Do not use too many images in your skin. Images must be loaded from the net, and some mail clients might even block images to prevent a persons privacy.

After creating your skin add <%MyNewsletter(start)%> to the top of your skin (so that it is the very first thing in the skin) and <%MyNewsletter(stop)%> at the end of your skin (so that it is the very last thing in the skin) (see below for more on this)


Following is an overview of all available skinvars and their meaning:

  • <%MyNewsletter(start)%>: Marks the start of your newsletter in the skin. In most cases you will use this skinvar as the very first thing in the newsletter skin
  • <%MyNewsletter(stop)%>: Marks the end of your newsletter in the skin, and starts sending the newsletter. In most cases you will use this skinvar as the very last thing in your newsletter skin.
  • <%MyNewsletter(form)%>: Writes the subscribe/unsubscribe into a normal skin to let your visitors subscribe to your newsletter
  • <%MyNewsletter(vars, poweredby)%>: Writes a ‘powered by’ sentence in the skin. If you like Nucleus considering adding it to spread the word
  • <%MyNewsletter(vars, datetime, [notation])%>: This can be used in your newsletter-skin to write the current date in the newsletter. The [notation]-part should be a valid php-date-format

Dynamic variables

In your newsletter skin and in the templates you can use some dynamic-variables to personalize the newsletter. Keep in mind that this will only work in the skin if the option ‘Send individual mails’ is set to ‘yes’.

  • $%MYNEWSLETTER_EMAIL%$: will be replaced by the e-mail of the subscriber (usefull to create an unsubscribe link inside the mailinglist)
  • $%MYNEWSLETTER_NAME%$: will be replaced by the name of the subscriber, by example to personaly greet him.