This plugin tries to prevent spammers from spamming your weblog. It tries to do this in two different ways:

  • By inserting a hidden field in the post-comment-form with a value that
    should match when posting a comment. Spammers often post their spam directly
    to the page which accepts the comments, thus bypassing the comment-form. If
    they use this method their input will lack the value of the hidden-field,
    and thus will be blocked by YAASP.
  • By inserting another hidden field with the date and time on which the comment-
    form was generated. When a comment is posted yaasp checks if a predefined
    interval has expired. If not the comment is not accepted. This can be used to
    block spam-scripts that scrape your comment-form and immediately post their
    spam. By default the interval is set to 15 seconds. For most valid comments it
    will take at least 15 seconds to write and post them, so they are accepted.

For a complete spam protection you can use this plugin in combination with other
anti-spam plugins such as NP_Blacklist.


  • Upload
  • Install
  • it should work :)


  • Time to wait before accepted. This sets the interval before the plugin accepts a comment.


  • 1.1 (2005-12-04)
    • Added the 'time to wait'-protection
  • 1.0
    • Initial version
Binary Data NP_YAASP-1.0a.tar.gz8.43 KB2010-12-14 01:10
Binary Data NP_YAASP-1.1.tar.gz8.64 KB2010-12-14 01:10