Talk: Git in Depth

I first created this presentation for the Drupal Camp 2011 in Kiev, but I have given it at a few other locations and conferences, such as LOADays 2012.

Since it is a talk about Git, the talk itself obviously is also version controlled with Git. Since I'm finally really tired with WYSIWYG presentation software (yes, even LibreOffice Impress), I tried something different. The slide show is written as a single markdown document, which is then converted using the nice S9 application. It uses the 'HTML5 Google rocks' template to give it a very cool and clean look.

My slides are available on my github account: and they are licensed under the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 3.0 license.

You can see the rendered presentation here:

Maybe you can watch the slides below as well, but that depends on CSS3 support in your browser, so it might not work...


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Does not work under Firefox4.

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Viktor, it does work under Firefox 4 as that is the browser which i used (twice) to give the presentation :). You need however to allow javascript, in case you would be using NoScript. Also, in case you use Pentadactyl (and probably also Vimperator), you need to enable pass-through mode (press CTRL-Z in Pentadactyl)

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