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Nikhil Kothari's Weblog : Script# Prototype

A compiler to translate C# code into Javascript

CSS techniques I use all the time | The Montoya Herald

An article which describes some interesting CSS techniques to be used when starting a new stylesheet

Submerged - Subversion LDAP Authentication ...

How to use LDAP in Subversion (with Apache)

No Margin For Error

This is a common question in the CSS forums and one I encounter almost on a daily basis. Therefore I am going to go right back to basics for this article and explain the fundamental reason why your site may look slightly different in various browsers.

svn commit ./me: How to Undo a Commit in Subversion

A frequent question that is asked on the Subversion and Subclipse mailing lists is how to undo a change once it has been committed. A variant of the same request is how to get back a file that has been deleted.

InfoQ: Evaluation Options in Ruby

Article describing the different eval_* methods in ruby