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Convert a Nucleus blog to Wordpress

As you could read in my previous post, I converted my weblog from Nucleus CMS to Wordpress. This article illustrates how I did it.

Import Nucleus content

I started by looking for a converter for Nucleus to Wordpress. I was happy to find one for Wordpress 2.1. Because I wanted to do most of the work while being offline (on the train), I then setup a local environment. This was very easy with XAMPP. After having the Magic LAMP running, I created a local database and imported all my Nucleus tables. Then I installed Wordpress 2.1 in my local environment and started the conversion. It must have been my lucky day, everything seemed to work and my Nucleus content (items, comments, users, trackbacks etc) were imported into Wordpress. After the import i could easily update Wordpress 2.1 to 2.7.

The Theme

The next important step: convert my carefully crafted ( ;-) ) Nucleus skin to a Wordpress theme. I thought this would be rather time consuming, but actually it …