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This category contains posts that where imported from my old devblog at dev.budts.be. I used it while I developed on the Nucleus CMS core. It was part of the NUDN (Nucleus Developers Network).

First time submitted to CVS :-)

Just a few minutes ago I committed my core-changes for some features to CVS :-) Hope i didn't break CVS, or Nucleus CVS...
Here's the changelog:

  • CHANGED: PluginOptionExtras-event now has an extra-field which can be used to add option-specific code to the page
  • ADDED: new event, PrePluginOptionsUpdate, can be used by plugins to verify/modify the new value for an option
  • ADDED: Plugins can now provide a documentation page, which is shown inside the admin area
  • ADDED: Plugins can now limit values for an option to be only numeric
  • ADDED: OptionTop-methods, to let a plugin retreive an array of the x-heighest (of lowest) values of an option
  • ADDED: Plugins can now make specific options for items. These options can be
    edited directly from the item add or edit page

i also added my testcases to /build/testcases

*UPDATE*: I discovered some problems and a bug in my testcase-plugins (not in the core mods :-) ). I changed it locally here so the updated testcases will be in CVS with the following commit

Now running Apache2+PHP5 @localhost

I finally dropped that ugly IIS and installed Apache 2 :-)
I also upgraded my PHP to PHP5 and applied the settings I asked Karma for (THX!)
Everything seemed to work fine until i viewed my dev-blog... just an empty page :-s Something was wrong with the mysql extension... I tried everything like explained but i couldn't get it to work :-( After trying some more i finally found that there was a second php.ini in my windows-dir, while i was working with the php.ini file in c:\php... now it works... Stupid windows!
(this was very useful: http://www.multidesk.be/faqs/000109/)

Gang of Four

While i was shopping this weekend (well actually just 'looking' ;-) ) i accidentally found "Design Patterns (dutch edition)", also known (correct me if i'm wrong) as the the book of the Gang of Four (GoF). Since one of my teacher had told us this year this was a really interesting book, i took my mobile called my mum and a few minutes later i bought the book :-)

Comming soon: NP_MyNewsletter

I just got a really really cool idea! ;-)
One of the features i have always wanted to have in Nucleus is a feature to automatically send a dailey newsletter with the last x items, like the newsletters of slashdot, zdnet, newsforge...
I know there are some websites that offer you such a service, using your feeds, like bloglet. But using 3thd party services makes you dependent on that service and you can not costumize it like you want.
So half a year ago i started thinking about creating a seperate (hardcoded) script that would querie my database and send the mails and i would be able to set up a cronjob for it. Ofcourse this method is also far from optimal (it isn't as simple to just query items, since they somehow need to be parsed), and it would not be very portable.

So today i started thinking while i was working in the garden, and suddenly i got it :-) (i hope)
I'm going to write a plugin to create your very own newsletter, completely costumizable, because it will use a normal Nucleus skin :-) It will simply buffer Nucleus' output and send that output as an e-mail to the subscribed people. ofcourse you'll still need to create a cronjob for it (except with some sort of batch-plugin or so), but IMHO this method should work (and even not be that difficult :D)

My first tests: http://wiki.budts.be/NpMyNewsletter

Released first version of NP_FancierPermalink

I released the first versio of FancierPermalink, a plugin that makes it possible to add fancier url's to items, categories and memberpages. The URL's look like the ones you get when you use Radek's NP_FancierURL, but this plugin does not require any core mods. BUT this plugin requires some of my core mods (itemoptions, helppage (not necessary), PrePluginOptionUpdate and PrePluginOptionEdit), so in fact this is also a testcase/demo for the mods :-)

Wiki: http://wiki.budts.be/NpFancierPermalink
Forum: http://forum.nucleuscms.org/viewtopic.php?t=4239

Back from de Ardennen and some fresh ideas

I'm back from the Ardennen (if you ever want to go there try this hotel) and i have some very fresh ideas for Nucleus :-):

  • More functional NUDN so that it becomes 'the Nucleus Community site'. NUDN will then contain:
  • Translatable plugins
  • Articles for the NUDN
  • NP_FancierPermalink: a plugin to create fancier permalinks for items, categories and members. URL's will look like the ones generated by NP_FancierURL but the plug will NOT require core mods.

I'm back

I'm back from de Ardennen. Weblog item can be found here and pictures here :-) (pictures are always fun ;-) )

Pc working again :-)

I replaced the power supply of my pc ("Firestorm", nice name not ;-p ?) with a new one and it seems to be alive and kicking and happy again :-)
Now i can finally finnish the itemOptions :-)

I passed my exams :-) Two down, one to go :-)

So this morning I finally heard the global results of my exams: i passed and may start now with my third year IT, which should be my last year :-)

Out of the game for a few days...

I'll be 'out of the game' for a few days. This has two reasons:

  • My computer died a bit. I'm afraid my power supply is broken... so that needs to get fixed
  • I'm going to have a weekend with two other couples in 'de Ardennen', the south-east of belgium. (cottage)