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Cutting Edge: Windows Workflow Foundation -- MSDN Magazine, March 2006

Discusses how you can use Windows Workflow Foundation to address a common business scenario where automatic processes intersect with human activity.

How to: Set Up Remote Debugging

How to setup remote debugging (for vs.net 2005)

Intro to Distributed Version Control (Illustrated) | BetterExplained

Article explaining the key concepts of distributed version control and showing how to use mercurial


There's other tutorials out there, but you'll like this one the best for sure: You can just cut and paste the code from this tutorial bit by bit, and in the process, your new program will create magically create more and more cool graphics along the way.

SubSonic: All Your Database Are Belong To Us

Open source library which implements, Active Record, Scaffolding, Migrations etc for .NET

A Visual Guide to Version Control | BetterExplained

Article with a good explanation of the basic concepts of source control

James Newkirk: Announcing xUnit.net

introduction to the xunit.net testing framework

xUnit.net - Home

A new testing framework for the .NET framework

MyGeneration - Code Generation and OR Mapping

The Free Code Generator / OR Mapping Tool the competition doesn't want you to know about