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Items that do not fit in other categories

Slashdot | Trolltech Releases Qt 4.0

Slashdot | Trolltech Releases Qt 4.0. Cool song with music video :) Really nice way to announce your product :)


eclipsedarcs. Darcs plugin for Eclipse.

Java Plugin Framework (JPF)

Java Plugin Framework (JPF). Seems interesting

Sysinternals Freeware

Sysinternals Freeware. Really cool tools for Windows. Certainly the Process Explorer is something you can't live whithout as an advanced windows user

ZDNet.be - 7-Zip 4.2

ZDNet.be. 7-zip is inderdaad een enorm krachtige compressie. Het programma op zich doet wat het moet doen, dat kan ik na een jaartje ondertussen wel zeggen :).

JSCalc: the JavaScript calculator bookmarklet

Outfoxed | Personalize your internet.

Outfoxed | Personalize your internet. Nice firefox extension to introduce a social aspect on the web

Using Assertions in Java Technology

Using Assertions in Java Technology. Nice introduction on the assert-keyword in Java 1.4 and up

Scripting Java: The BeanShell JSR

Scripting Java: The BeanShell JSR. Interesting Article introducing BeanShell

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