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WebAIM: Blog - History of the browser user-agent string

History of the browser user-agent string

Remove the .NET Framework Assistant 1.0 from Firefox « adrift

The newest (3.5 SP1) .NET installs an extension (Microsoft .NET Framework Assistant 1.0) for Firefox (you guessed right: without asking) and even alters the user agent. To maximize “user friendliness”, the uninstall button is inactive. However, regedit helps.

Google Docs Bar - Companion for Firefox

gDocsBar is a sidebar extension for firefox, a perfect companion for Google® Docs. With gDocsBar, you can drag and drop multiple files into the sidebar to upload documents. You can search and filter documents right from the sidebar. Now, gdocsbar comes with templates, webclips and smart folders.

Google Docs: Save room at top | userstyles.org

shrink the google logo, remove the top links, and shave padding on the search row. Haven't spent much time trying to figure out how to shove the search field over so that when browser is thin it doesn't wrap. If you figure it out, let me know.

Firefox Tip: Make Firefox 3's Bookmarks Available to Launchy and Quicksilver

Firefox 3 doesn't store your bookmarks in the plain old HTML file that Firefox 2 did, so desktop launchers like Quicksilver and Launchy can't index them properly. But the HackCollege blog has a solution: a Firefox 3 about:config tweak that makes Firefox automatically export your bookmarks to a file. Change the browser.bookmarks.autoExportHTML value from false to true to get a bookmarks.html file saved to your Firefox profile directory each time you shut down your browser.

Google Calendar Textwrap Events – Userscripts.org

Fix Google Calendar so that long event names will text wrap on the calendar.

Google Calendar Show Week – Userscripts.org

Show week numbers in Google Calendar.

Google Calendar Header and Navigation Switcher – Userscripts.org

Collapse the header and the navigation bar by clicking triangle icon on top or left.

Google Secure Pro – Userscripts.org

Forces gMail, gCal, Google Docs, History, Bookmarks and Reader to use (https) secure connection . Also compatible with Opera 9+.

Change URL bar security colors | userstyles.org

Change the url bar colors based on the site's security level. This provides a good visual aid.