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The Skylight vision is an in-context, reflex driven expression entry tool. An instrument bridging the divide in human-machine interaction, an interface that after some training allows you to act at the edge of reflex. It can search, launch, lookup, automate and define, all in a systematic, predictable way. Boasting advanced habit learning and matching algorithms, infinite plug-in extensibility and the general smarts equivalent of a rat, it is purpose built to make your computing life easier.

Firefox Tip: Make Firefox 3's Bookmarks Available to Launchy and Quicksilver

Firefox 3 doesn't store your bookmarks in the plain old HTML file that Firefox 2 did, so desktop launchers like Quicksilver and Launchy can't index them properly. But the HackCollege blog has a solution: a Firefox 3 about:config tweak that makes Firefox automatically export your bookmarks to a file. Change the browser.bookmarks.autoExportHTML value from false to true to get a bookmarks.html file saved to your Firefox profile directory each time you shut down your browser.


Mathy is a advanced calculator for Launchy