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ZDNet.be - Java triomfeert op RAD Race 2006/7

Java triomfeert op RAD Race 2006/7; Item Solutions - the company I work for - got the second place :)

Hula Project - Hula

webmail and calendar in Mono


RubyCLR allows you to develop your windows applications in the Ruby language.

SourceForge.net: TaHoGen

TaHoGen is an Open Source implementation of a CodeSmith-compatible Code Generation Engine written for the .NET Platform.

Velocity - Texen

Texen is a general purpose text generating utility. It is capable of producing almost any sort of text output, driven by Ant.

AndroMDA.org - Home

AndroMDA is one of the most powerful Open Source MDA Generators on the planet.


A compiler to compile Ruby-code into .NET CLR

ISerializable - Roy Osherove's Blog : Naming standards for unit tests

Interesting article about naming standards for unit tests