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Mollom is a web service that helps you identify content quality and, more importantly, helps you stop spam on your blog, social network or community website. When site moderation becomes easier, you have more time and energy to interact with your community.

StopForwarding.Us | Politely and anonymously ask your friends to stop sending spam to your inbox

Welcome to StopForwarding.Us, the website that lets you politely and anonymously ask your friends to stop sending spam to your inbox.

Twitter Twerp Scan

Check's if your Twitter followers are spammers, so you can block these


nice website to check if a domain is in any blacklist

FuzzyOcr - Trac

FuzzyOcr is a plugin for SpamAssassin to fight image-spam. It uses OCR to try to 'read' the images.

SARE - SpamAssassin Rules Emporium

Plugin that provides the ability to write SA rules based on number of images and size of images in an email.

Bogofilter Home Page

Bogofilter is a mail filter that classifies mail as spam or ham (non-spam) by a statistical analysis of the message's header and content (body). The program is able to learn from the user's classifications and corrections.

RubyForge: Gurgitate Mail: A mail filter in Ruby: Project info

Gurgitate-mail is a mail filter in Ruby. Since its rules files are in Ruby and not line-noise, they're both easy to read and very powerful.