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VIM: working with "light-projects"

While VIM certainly isn't an IDE, there are a lot of plugins in existence to make it more IDE-like. Although I have been working a lot inside IDE's the past few years, I don't really need all those fancy IDE features (and the bloat that comes with it). That's one of the many things I like so much about Vim, I can just add the features I need to the editor. So while there are certainly at least a few plugins to work with projects inside Vim, I came up with my own system for working with "projects" (call them "light-projects" if you wish). One small note: For the moment this method suits my needs, but since I'm only using Vim for about two months as my main editor, this might change obviously.

Basically, my solutions is based on an autocommand for every 'project' and the command-t plugin. Oh, and sessions as well. The autocommand detects when a file is read (or created) inside the project-directory. In this case, it …

Learning Vim

When I started working on my first PHP project at Inuits I had to decide which editor or IDE to use. Obviously while I was still working in the .NET-world I used Visual Studio, just as almost everybody else. However I also used jEdit at home for PHP, Ruby etc. I always felt that learning a general purpose editor, and learning it very well, is more interesting than learning an IDE for one specific platform (VS.NET in this case).

One of my new colleagues recommended me to use NetBeans for PHP development, so I had a look at it. While I'm sure it has a lot to offer, it just didn't feel like the tool I wanted to use. Obviously I had also installed jEdit. While I have always loved jEdit, somehow I wasn't convinced anymore. I also had a look at gEdit, which certainly has potential if you install some extra plugins and configure it, but compared to other editors and IDE's it seems to be rather limited …

Married and a new job!

As you might have read on my Twitter, I got married two weeks ago. My wife - it still feels strange to say :) - is the most wonderful girl on this planet, and far beyond.

Our marriage really was a day which i will remember for the rest of my life. Everything was perfect. Obviously a few small things went wrong, like arriving at the church without the bridal bouquet (doh!), but we really enjoyed the day!

For those interested, our wedding dance was Beste Banaan by Kommil Foo. Our DJ was DJ Patrice, who really did a wonderful job! A DJ who gets nearly everybody on the dancefloor knows his art! Even people which I never expected on the dancefloor suddenly were shaking their butts off. The people from De Vleeshoeve served us one of the best BBQs I have ever tasted. Also the icecream from Gelati Van Houcke was really tasty. And thanks to some friends, our reception also was great (thx guys!!)!

I'm becoming an Inuit

While most of …

Implicit conversions in C#

Yesterday I came across an interesting article: What's the opposite of Nullable. While the solution for Non-Nullability is interesting, the reason i'm blogging this is because the article also used a C# feature which i didn't know of: implicit conversions.

And guess what? Today I had a situation where I could use these implicit conversions. My app reads data from a CSV-file, so all the input are just strings. Until now that was just fine. However, at one part of my code I had to process one of the fields which has a fixed format. Say a field is a phonenumber and i need the country-prefix. So I created a PhoneNumber-class like this:

public class PhoneNumber
  private readonly string _number;

  public PhoneNumber(string number)
      if (!new Regex(PHONE_NUMBER_REGEX).IsMatch(number))
          throw new ArgumentException("Invalid phone number", "number");
      _number = number;

  public string Prefix
    get { return GetPrefixFromNumber(...); }

Now it is possible to create a (helper-)method in another class to get the prefix like this (this is just a simple example):

public …


Gisteren mocht ik voor het werk een dagje van de Microsoft Techdays bijwonen. Het was de eerste keer dat ik naar een Microsoft-event ging en had me eerlijk gezegd aan veel show en weinig inhoud verwacht. In sterk contrast tot JavaPolis Devoxx, waar er veel inhoud en weinig show is. Achteraf bekeken viel dit eigenlijk enorm goed mee. Enkel de keynote ging er wat over. Een Developer Evangelist of Regional Director moet echt niet als één of andere superster worden aangekondigd met loeiharde muziek en lichtshow, maar dat is mijn mening natuurlijk.

Na de keynote heb ik de sessie over C# 4.0 gevolgd en dat was erg interessant. C# 4.0 belooft weer een versie te worden om naar uit te kijken. Eén van de nieuwe features is het dynamic keyword. Dit zorgt ervoor dat je methodes op het object kan oproepen waarbij de compiler niet checked of deze effectief bestaan. De check wordt pas 'at runtime' gedaan. Dit is erg handig om te integreren met andere talen zoals …