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Velocity - Texen

Texen is a general purpose text generating utility. It is capable of producing almost any sort of text output, driven by Ant.

AndroMDA.org - Home

AndroMDA is one of the most powerful Open Source MDA Generators on the planet.


From the SLIMTIMER you can create tasks, measure how long you work on them and even share them with your coworkers and those you report to.

Imagination Cubed

a pretty nice whiteboard

Mert Caliskan's Weblog : Mert Caliskan's Weblog

How to add error pages for unexpected errors in JSF

ISerializable - Roy Osherove's Blog : Naming standards for unit tests

Interesting article about naming standards for unit tests

Adding Subversion support in IBM Websphere Studio Application Developer 5.x

short article which describes how to install Subclipse into IBM RAD