CVS Commit

I commited some fixes/changes to CVS:

  • CHANGED: option-metadate are now key/value-pairs, and select-lists must be the first item. From the (updated) plugin api doc:

    As of Nucleus 3.1+CVS, some option types can be limited to only accept certain values using option-metadata. This metadata is stored in the $typeExtras-field, and is a semicolon-seperated list of values. Note: In a select-option, the select list must be the first value in $typeExtras.

    key explanation
    numeric If set to 'true', Nucleus will only accept numerical values for this option (available for optiontypes: 'select' and 'text')

    some examples:

    // following code creates a text-option that only accepts numerical values
    $this->createItemOption('TestValue', 'TestOption', 'text', '0', 'numerical=true');
    // following code creates a select-option that only accepts numerical values
    $this->createItemOption('TestCase4', 'TestCaseOption:select(numerical)',
      'select', '0', '0|0|1|1|2|2;numerical=true');

  • FIXED: some bugs in testcase plugins
  • CHANGED: ItemOptionTestCase now tests a text-option with numeric=true, to show the usage of the client-side javascript that prevents users form typing non-numerical values in the textfield (PLEASE TEST!)
  • UPDATED: The Nucleus Plugin API doc
  • FIXED: some validation errors in de documentation files (there are still some errors!)


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