First time submitted to CVS :-)

Just a few minutes ago I committed my core-changes for some features to CVS :-) Hope i didn't break CVS, or Nucleus CVS... Here's the changelog:

  • CHANGED: PluginOptionExtras-event now has an extra-field which can be used to add option-specific code to the page
  • ADDED: new event, PrePluginOptionsUpdate, can be used by plugins to verify/modify the new value for an option
  • ADDED: Plugins can now provide a documentation page, which is shown inside the admin area
  • ADDED: Plugins can now limit values for an option to be only numeric
  • ADDED: OptionTop-methods, to let a plugin retreive an array of the x-heighest (of lowest) values of an option
  • ADDED: Plugins can now make specific options for items. These options can be edited directly from the item add or edit page

i also added my testcases to /build/testcases

UPDATE: I discovered some problems and a bug in my testcase-plugins (not in the core mods :-) ). I changed it locally here so the updated testcases will be in CVS with the following commit



Roel on 2004-08-05 22:59 reply

Very nice work, indeed! I

Very nice work, indeed!

I especially like the plugin documentation pages, and the specific plugin options for items. But that's probably because I'm the (power?) user, and you're the coder ;-)

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