My favorite jEdit features

As reaction on moraes' comment at my post about the PHP Parser plugin for jEdit, I'll try to give a nice list of features and plugins (and macros) of jEdit i really like (obviously this list will change in the feature as a learn to use more features of jEdit)

Build in features

  • GPL, so free (as in free speech) and free to use
  • Written in Java, so runs everywhere, and even it is Java, it is not slow :-)
  • Syntax highlighting for 80 language (and 50+ additional available)
  • Extremely powerful keyboard shortcuts (certainly in combination with the macro's, then they just rule!)
  • Folds (explicit, implicit, ...)
  • Very easy to use Markers (stored in a seperate file so you don't loose them when closing and reopening the file!)
  • Very powerful search features: highlight next search result (in combination with the shortcut, this works exactly as Find as you Type in Firefox!), highlight all search results, or hypersearch (show results in a list). It is also possible to search in all files in a directory, and to use regexp's
  • You can store your buffer-properties inside your file so that file 'remembers' it's properties

Macro's (most of them are already in the default install)

  • copy selection or line (and the cut variant) (bind this macro to Ctrl+c!)
  • Mode switcher: switch mode of your file by typing the name
  • Buffer switcher: switch buffers without using the mouse
  • Add Pre and Suffix
  • Duplicate Line

Plugin i really like

  • Buffertabs
  • FTP: edit files on an ftp server!
  • jDiff: nice diff-ing tool!
  • Look 'n Feel (i don't like the default java swing look, using LnF you can use by example the 'Kunstoff' theme. I also changed the icons to look like the GTK/Gnome icons :-) )
  • XML: makes writing html and xml files easier (they are even automatically parsed when saving!)
  • CodeBrowser: uses ctags to make a nice tree of your code
  • IRC: KISS IRC client :-)
  • TaskList: add tasks inside your files and they show up on a nice list with icons
  • Templates: uses the Apache Velocity Templating Engine
  • Texttools: some general text-editing features like 'transpose lines'
  • And ofcourse: PHP Parser Plugin

You can find jEdit here: Also check the community site which is a very usefull resource:

UPDATE: if you want to give jEdit a try i would recommend to install the development version, since it runs stable and is the last development version before it becomes the new stable


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