Now running Apache2+PHP5 @localhost

I finally dropped that ugly IIS and installed Apache 2 :-)
I also upgraded my PHP to PHP5 and applied the settings I asked Karma for (THX!)
Everything seemed to work fine until i viewed my dev-blog... just an empty page :-s Something was wrong with the mysql extension... I tried everything like explained but i couldn't get it to work :-( After trying some more i finally found that there was a second php.ini in my windows-dir, while i was working with the php.ini file in c:\php... now it works... Stupid windows! (this was very useful:



TeRanEX on 2004-08-03 14:14 reply

Why does windows look for

Why does windows look for config-files in different directories and not just one dir (like linux does)?
If i should believe my teacher of systemsoftware it is even possible to create a fake explorer.exe, put it in the root of your system-drive and windows will load that explorer.exe instead of its own explorer :-s


karma on 2004-08-03 19:29 reply

Couldn't you do the same on

Couldn't you do the same on Linux? Create a program called 'ls' and put it in the search path (I think this is why it is advised not to put "." at the beginning of $PATH, and not to use it at all for the root user).

Even better: a progam called "su", which acts like the regular "su", sends the password somewhere and then writes an error message about an incorrect password.


TeRanEX on 2004-08-03 19:32 reply

hmm yes ok you're right i'm

hmm yes ok you're right i'm afraid.. :(

Anyway Apache2 + PHP5 + MySQL 4.0.18 are running like a charm now :-) A lot better than IIS :-)

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