NP_MyNewsletter 1.2

After a little delay (because i'm working now (holiday-tasks unpacking X-Mas stuff...)) I have released version 1.2 of MyNewsletter

New features:

  • Errors are now handled by the doError()-method, thus they use a part of your skin, while for successfully (un)subscriptions you can set up a page to which the subscribers will be redirected
  • Completely new admin area to manage subscriptions (see who's on the lists, add, delete)

  • Language Selector: you can now simply select the language you want the plugin to use, from the pluginoptions-screen. Adding a new language is as simple as dropping a new folder in the 'lang'-dir, select 'edit options', refresh the page in your browser and there you go!
I also added a plugin to upgrade your current installation of MyNewsletter (in the extra-folder), to make upgrading as easy as possible.


Now that this is done, i'm going to finnish the readonly-meta for options and also add hidden-options (both CORE)


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