NP_MyNewsletter: completely customizable newsletter for your blog!

My NP_MyNewsletter is ready, and I can say i'm a bit proud of it :-)

This plugin adds the possibility to Nucleus to send a daily/weekly/monthly/..., or just manually, newsletter with the latest X entries of your blog or the entries of today/yesterday. Your newsletter is completely customizable since it uses a normal Nucleus Skin to produce the newsletter!

After seeing the newsletters of websites like slashdot and newsforge i wanted to be able to send such a newsletter using Nucleus. Now it is possible

The plugin uses a normal Nucleus skin and sends the output as an e-mail, so you can give your newsletter the exact layout that you want.

When you want to plugin to automatically send the newsletter, by example everyday, just setup a cronjob at your webserver (everything is explained in the documentation). (i might write a plugin, NP_Sheduler, to do this from inside Nucleus in the feature, i'm seriously thinking about this)

The plugin can also send welcome and 'sorry to see you go'-mails to new (or leaving) users. These mails are also completely customizable. It is also possible to let the plugin send notifications mails when a user subscribes/unsubscribes (ofcourse these e-mails are also customizable Wink)
The plugin also uses the Nucleus Action Log to log everything it does (sending newsletters etc).

To send a newsletter you can choose to send every subscriber an individual mail or send one mail (using the BCC-field). If you choose to send individual mails you can personalize the mail, meaning that you can use the name and email of the subscriber in it (see documentation for info)

Also while creating your skin you can send one or more testmails, to check if everything looks good, before sending the real newsletter.

Everything is described in the documentation available at (so before asking questions at the forum, please read it, i have spend over 2 hours typing it!)

This document is also available in the plugin zip. If you are running Nucleus 3.1+CVS you will see a 'help'-link next to the MyNewsletter plugin in the pluginlist. If you are running a version prior to 3.1+CVS you can view the documentation by pointing your browser to (where is the url of your plugin-folder)



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