Testing Flyspray again

a while ago i blogged about my search for a good BTS. After talking with the webmaster of the Psi website, i re-installed Flyspray to try it again. Now i understand it's features better and really start liking it. I think i'm going to use it for some different projects and also my personal todo's. Also my personal Nucleus things will be in my BTS. It will contain not only bug reports but also feature requests, things i plan to create etc. In order to structurize everything i created a project for Nucleus in Flyspray which currently has two categories: core and plugins. In the plugins-category are subcategories for every plugin i work on, also for the ones i consider writing. You can add comments to the tasks after you are registered (there is currently no setting to enable anonymous comments AFAIK)



Tony Collins on 2005-03-02 03:38 reply

Thanks for giving Flyspray a

Thanks for giving Flyspray a try. We work hard to make it as useful as possible. If you need anything Flyspray-related, or would like to contribute in some way, don't hesitate to contact us via the Flyspray mailing list.

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