Searching PHP Debugger: testing XDebug

Like i already discussed at the dev-list i'm searching for a good method to debug php scripts. I already tried dbg with phpeclipse but couldn't get it to work. Now i'm thinking about adding a little debuggingframework to Nucleus. PHP_Debug is a good candidate for this. But before i start to work on this, i want to study some more debugging methods. When i add such a framework to Nucleus it should be easily extentable, so that it is possible to choose the actual debugger you want to use, and it should require as few core-changes as possible.

Currently i'm testing XDebug. XDebug is a Zend-extension, so it requires some changes to your php.ini-file. A possitive point is that it requires no changes to the Nucleus-core to use most features. I just started playing with it but until now i really like it, certainly the error/warning-messages with a complete stacktrace: XDebug Stacktrace


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