I have released a new version of YAASP. This release adds another quick hack to prevent spam on your weblog. It stores the date and time on which the comment form was generated and when accepting a comment it checks that at least a configurable amount of seconds (default 15) have passed before the comment is accepted. I hope this will prevent most comments that are posted by scraping the comment-form and the dumping the spam in it and immediately posting it. For normal (legal) comments this interval won't be noticed (unless you set it to a very high value) because it takes a few seconds to write a real comment. (see related task: 46)

In the next version i'll implement the anti-spam API. (related task: 60)

More info and download at the yaasp page



Michael on 2006-01-16 21:06 reply

I think this is a great idea,

I think this is a great idea, the user never has to be bothered.
Thanks for sharing your work.

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