Announcing SiPPF 0.1

A few days ago I have released version 0.1 of SiPPF - Simple PHP5 Persistency Framework.

SiPPF is an Open Source (LGPL) library which can be used to store and load objects into a database. While there are other existing libraries for PHP that try to do this, they allmost always require you to adapt a special design for the classes that need to be stored (like inheriting from a special class). While this will work in a lot of cases, you might run into trouble some day because it is not very flexible. Inspired by Hibernate/NHibernate, SiPPF tries to be as flexible as possible and in the end it will probably only require that a persistable class has a default constructor (a constructor which allows zero arguments).

SiPPF is built around ADOdb, to support a maximum of DBMSes.

The release is available through the SourceForge file release system (preferred download location) or from

Please note that this code is an alpha-release, which does contain bugs, has not been tested very well and still misses lots of the planned features. Please note that you have to seperately download ADOdb and place it in a folder called 'adodb' inside libs, or change the adodb path in

For an overview of the roadmap please visit

Please report any bugs in the BTS


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