This page is about this website. If you are interested in a short introduction about myself, you can read the intro text on the homepage.

I started this weblog on 8 August 2003. This means this website has existed over half of the time the world wide web has existed now... I was inspired to start a blog after reading "Weaving The Web" by Sir Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the WWW.

The current version of this website is generated using Pelican. It is hosted on Dreamhost since 2005. All content on this website, including text, photographs and any other original works, unless otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

In the many years of existence of this website, it has gone through some various transformations. Below is an overview.

v0: Blogger

On 8 august 2003 I registered the initial version of this blog on Blogger.com. It was the easiest way to quickly get started with a blog, but after a few weeks it quickly became clear that I wanted more freedom so I started looking for a solution I could host myself.

v1: Nucleus CMS

screenshot of v1

After 4 weeks I migrated the blog to Nucleus CMS. At the time not many blogging software was available, even Wordpess was still in it's infancy. Nucleus was/is an Open Source PHP application, originating from Belgium, and had a lively community. I designed my first 'skin', using tables for layout as was common at the time.

v2: Redesign

screenshot of v2

I launched v2 with a completely redesigned layout on 1 June 2005. This time using a more modern approach using CSS for columns.

v2.1: Wordpress

Due to the stalling development of Nucleus CMS and Wordpress becoming increasingly popular, I decided to switch to Wordpress. In september 2009 I converted the website, including the skin to a Wordpress theme.

v3: Drupal 6 & redesign

screenshot of v3

In 2010 I started working at Inuits. After using the same layout for 5 years, I was looking to give the site a new look. I was inspired by Vim and the Molokai theme. At Inuits we aree big fans of Drupal so it was only logical to build the new version in Drupal, taking full advantages of all it's CMS features.

v4: Drupal 7

In 2012 I migrated from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7, removing some of the lesser used parts of the site. It was a very good exercise in how to migrate an existing Drupal 6 site, which I documented along the way.

v5: Pelican & redesign

screenshot of v5

While I still like Drupal for medium and large websites, during the years I became tired of the constant security updates. I started thinking about removing the blog altogether and simply switch to a one-pager. But I didn't like the idea to see all the 600+ posts simply vanish. In 2018 I decided to migrate everything to Pelican. After using the last theme for nearly 8 years, once again it was time for a new layout. Further inspired by Vim, the Molokai theme and Markdown a new layout was born.