ItemOptions, getOptionTop-methods, numbertype: 'my implementation plan'

Since i have a nice list of things i want to implement into the Nucleus core, i created an overview of it at my wiki and there you find a page for every feature, with the status of the development (implementing, proposed, done,...)
Currently i'm implementing the ItemOptions, well in fact that is ready, except the testcases.
While i was implementing these itemoptions i started to think about getOptionTop-methods. With these methods plugins will be able to retrieve an ordered array of the x highest or x lowest values of an option. Because this is used in some plugins that could be using itemOptions in the future, like NP_View, NP_Karma, etc, i started developing these methods as part of my itemoptions implementation. But when i thought i was ready i discovered that options with a 'numerical' value, like my testcase NP_Karma, don't sort right since they are sorted as text. That's why i started thinking (again) about a numerical type for options, which i need to implement now before i can finnish the getOptionTop methods.
I today decided that it is not good to wait with publishing the ItemOptions so i created a seperate wikipage to keep the development of the getOptionTop-methods. After these features I have the following items in mind:



admun on 2004-06-22 15:52 reply

Cool stuff. BTW, make sure to

Cool stuff. BTW, make sure to tpuch base with karma for his insight. I've being having fun talking to him. 8)


TeRanEX on 2004-06-22 23:51 reply

Yes it is indeed very

Yes it is indeed very interesting. I hope he will review my code before i submit them to CVS... (just to be sure i don't to stupid things :-))

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