Back from de Ardennen and some fresh ideas

I'm back from the Ardennen (if you ever want to go there try this hotel) and i have some very fresh ideas for Nucleus :-):

  • More functional NUDN so that it becomes 'the Nucleus Community site'. NUDN will then contain:
  • Translatable plugins
  • Articles for the NUDN
  • NP_FancierPermalink: a plugin to create fancier permalinks for items, categories and members. URL's will look like the ones generated by NP_FancierURL but the plug will NOT require core mods.



hcgtv on 2004-07-17 21:31 reply

You're like Bush, too many

You're like Bush, too many vacations :)

Good ideas. We need the main Nucleus site to have links to the dev site. Wish we could implement the site design that Roel was working on with a top nav bar.


TeRanEX on 2004-07-17 22:06 reply

WHAAAAAAHHHH!!!! please don't

WHAAAAAAHHHH!!!! please don't say i'm like Bush, that's my worst nightmare :-O :-S
But I like vacations ;-)


admun on 2004-07-19 15:54 reply

yeah, with you hcgtv. I think

yeah, with you hcgtv. I think we need more progressive on the new site design. I guess it's a bit overloading for roel.....


admun on 2004-07-19 16:18 reply

One suggestion, TeRanEX. I

One suggestion, TeRanEX. I think it might be better to somewhat seperate developer info and user info.... (need to think about hoe, just probably ot putting them in NUDN as well, which is for developer/power users, I assuming) I don't think users care too much about my latest code trace (like ideally linked from NUDN) on some core classes. 8) But I still think it is a good idea to cross-link all the information so ppl aware of it and can access it easily.


hcgtv on 2004-07-19 18:33 reply

TeRanEX, there is a plugins

TeRanEX, there is a plugins blog up at the main NUDN site. Maybe you can copy and paste some of your plugin ideas up to that blog.

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