Comming soon: NP_MyNewsletter

I just got a really really cool idea! ;-)
One of the features i have always wanted to have in Nucleus is a feature to automatically send a dailey newsletter with the last x items, like the newsletters of slashdot, zdnet, newsforge...
I know there are some websites that offer you such a service, using your feeds, like bloglet. But using 3thd party services makes you dependent on that service and you can not costumize it like you want.
So half a year ago i started thinking about creating a seperate (hardcoded) script that would querie my database and send the mails and i would be able to set up a cronjob for it. Ofcourse this method is also far from optimal (it isn't as simple to just query items, since they somehow need to be parsed), and it would not be very portable.

So today i started thinking while i was working in the garden, and suddenly i got it :-) (i hope)
I'm going to write a plugin to create your very own newsletter, completely costumizable, because it will use a normal Nucleus skin :-) It will simply buffer Nucleus' output and send that output as an e-mail to the subscribed people. ofcourse you'll still need to create a cronjob for it (except with some sort of batch-plugin or so), but IMHO this method should work (and even not be that difficult :D)

My first tests:



admun on 2004-07-30 04:41 reply

nice idea,

nice idea, overall.

NP_Batch? It is on my to-do list... well, need to get around to finish my work on CommentControl, Trackback, and NotifyMe first. 8)

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