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While i was shopping this weekend (well actually just 'looking' ;-) ) i accidentally found "Design Patterns (dutch edition)", also known (correct me if i'm wrong) as the the book of the Gang of Four (GoF). Since one of my teacher had told us this year this was a really interesting book, i took my mobile called my mum and a few minutes later i bought the book :-)



moraes on 2004-08-03 05:27 reply

"The authors of the

"The authors of the DesignPatternsBook came to be known as the gang of four. The main reason was just that the name of the book is too long for e-mail, so "book by the gang of four" became a shorthand name for it. After all, it isn't the ONLY book on patterns. That got shorted to "GOF book", which is pretty cryptic the first time you hear it."


karma on 2004-08-03 08:59 reply

I have that book too (needed

I have that book too (needed it for a course some years back). When I originally read it, all of it looked kind of abstract and hard to get. Maybe I should re-read it :)

I don't know which version you have, but I found the dutch translation to be confusing at times


moraes on 2004-08-30 05:15 reply

how are you going with the

how are you going with the book? as I'm more and more interested in (good) programming, I'm planning to buy it too. althought I think it won't be "imediatelly applied" by me, I suppose it will help to open my mind in the future. right? ;-)

I read these reviews:

But also these ones from "Design Patterns Explained: A New Perspective on Object-Oriented Design":

and... well. I'll probably buy the portuguese edition, because it is half the price of the english one. :-P


TeRanEX on 2004-08-30 22:28 reply

Well, i can tell you it is

Well, i can tell you it is quit a difficult book :-)
But it is interesting :-) (i'm reading chapter 2, an example of a word processor and how all the patterns fit into the design, *really* interesting!


moraes on 2004-09-01 12:30 reply

I think it is a good start to

I think it is a good start to to put the ideas in our minds and let them germinate... One day we'll have a "click" and then "wow! that's what they were talking about!" :-)

Based on amazon reviews, I finally decided to buy a introductory one: "Design Patterns Explained" by Alan Shalloway, et al. And now I'm reading it and trying to play with OO thoughts.

Today I found "Design Patterns" (the GoF bible) in a used store. It has a really good price and excellent condition. I won' miss it, so my plan is to read the explained concepts and then look for related content in the classic book.

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