Samen bouwen aan een project

Op het Nucleus Forum vond ik vandaag een leuke beschrijving van moraes, over het samenwerken binnen de Nucleus Community:

"I was just thinking how nice are these kind of collaborative work. Roel started talking about a new design for the Nucleus site and has made some proposals and guidelines for it. Meantime Hcgtv has set the NUDN and after a lot of discussion with Admun and Teranex, Teranex made his proposal for the Developers Network, and his css layout was later refined by me. Now Karma implements a nice top bar that has something to do with Roel?s initial top bar and starts the integration of all Nucleus family sites. All of this with the help and feedback of many others (I appologize for not mentioning everybody).

It is nice to see that all discussions people had about the Nucleus sites are taking us to somewhere and everything is becoming better and better. Cool"
Moraes op het Nucleus Forum



moraes on 2004-08-03 15:31 reply

look, mom! it´s me!

look, mom! it´s me! :lol:

we all have a good time working for Nucleus. :wink:


TeRanEX on 2004-08-03 15:35 reply

no problem about the char ;-)

no problem about the char ;-) I should really convert everything to UTF-8. (or maybe even take the time to completely redesign the blog...., but first my dev-blog :-))


karma on 2004-08-03 20:33 reply

'k had em ook gezien, die

'k had em ook gezien, die post (zo af en toe lees ik ook wel es wat op het forum :))

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