While i was testing Eclipse (at school we use IntelliJ, but hey, that's not Open Source ;) ), I came accross PHPEclipse. As you know (or don't know) Eclipse is more then just a Java IDE. It is a complete Platform and Framework to create IDE's. The PHPEclipse uses Eclipse to create a complete IDE for (you can't guess it ;) ) PHP. When I was reading the install-docs for PHPEclipse they mentioned WAMPP in it, as the distribution for Apache+PHP+MySQL. After searching a bit I found it: XAMPP (WAMPP was the previous name for the windows specific distro)

XAMPP is a distribution, available for Linux, Windows and Solaris for people that want to run Apache with PHP and MySQL (and other things like filezilla FTP etc), but don't like configuring all the different apps.

Using XAMPP (on windows) is really easy:

  • first download the zip or, like i prefer the 7-zip file (44Meg for the zip while only 19Meg for the 7-zip clearly proves the quality of 7-zip imho).
  • Unzip it
  • run setup_xampp.bat (this does NOT add anything to the registry or similar things) (in fact this only executes a php-script)

After that you can start the different parts (Apache httpd, mysql, filezilla ftp etc) using batch files like 'apache_start.bat' and 'apache_stop.bat', or you can use xampp_start.exe to both start Apache and MySQL. Very very easy and it works!

There even is a batch-file included to switch from using PHP 5.0 to PHP 4.* and back again! Nice work!


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