Married and a new job!

As you might have read on my Twitter, I got married two weeks ago. My wife - it still feels strange to say :) - is the most wonderful girl on this planet, and far beyond.

Our marriage really was a day which i will remember for the rest of my life. Everything was perfect. Obviously a few small things went wrong, like arriving at the church without the bridal bouquet (doh!), but we really enjoyed the day!

For those interested, our wedding dance was Beste Banaan by Kommil Foo. Our DJ was DJ Patrice, who really did a wonderful job! A DJ who gets nearly everybody on the dancefloor knows his art! Even people which I never expected on the dancefloor suddenly were shaking their butts off. The people from De Vleeshoeve served us one of the best BBQs I have ever tasted. Also the icecream from Gelati Van Houcke was really tasty. And thanks to some friends, our reception also was great (thx guys!!)!

I'm becoming an Inuit

While most of the time, I enjoyed working for Item Solutions, i felt that it was time for something new with some new challenges. When i was at FOSDEM this year I discovered a job offering for a Linux engineer at INUITS. After a few weeks - i'm not a linux engineer after all - i decided to give it a try. While that specific job offering was already filled in, they still where interested to meet me. After two talks they offered me a job, starting as a PHP/Drupal/Ruby developer. I didn't have to think long to decide that i really wanted to accept the job. So, as of mid-july I will become an Inuit.

INUITS is a company which does both infrastructure and custom development, but only uses Open Source/Free Software technologies. As i'm a real Open Source fan and only use Linux and FOSS at home, this really feels like a perfect fit. I'm sure i will learn *a lot* in the coming months and probably years. Learning new and excitings things was something I was really missing lately in my current job. Apart from that i was also growing tired of the windows environment. On top of that I had to travel to Brussels everyday (which takes at least 1 hour from where I live). The Inuits office is 3.6 km from our home (according to Google Maps). Quite a difference!

Inuits also considers itself as a real part of the Open Source community, instead of only being interested in profit. They release patches and code. They sponsor a pinguin in the zoo of antwerp and they help other projects to make this world a better place.

So I am REALLY REALLY EXCITED to start working as an Inuit! :)



Jonas on 2010-06-20 22:12 reply

Grats. Klinkt als een leuke

Grats. Klinkt als een leuke job. En zo dicht bij huis dat wil ik ook wel ;)

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